Registration scheme for courses at the Dhamma Dullabha Center

Registration for courses at the Dhamma Dullabha Center is different for new and old students.

Registration for old students

Old students are considered those who have completed at least one 10-day course of vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin.

For old students, registration works as usual: after the registration is open, the applications are accepted until the course lists are filled in and sequentially fill out the main course list, and then the waiting list. There is more chances to get into the course are for those who submit an application at the time of the opening of the course registration at 7:00 Moscow time.

Please note that all course lists are usually get filled completely in just a few minutes.

Applications from servers are also processed in the order in which they apply for the course.

Registration for new students

For new students, registration works using a random selection mechanism.

On the day of opening registration for the course, you can submit an application without haste, at any time convenient for you, since registration will remain open all day. The day after the registration opens, the course list and the waiting list for the course will be filled with applications, selected at random from all submitted. The time of submission of the application will not matter.

All applications that will not get a place in the main list nor in waiting list will be canceled automatically.

If you will apply for a course but will not get a place, then when you apply for the next course somewhere in the future, your application will have a better chance of getting a place.

Please note that the random selection scheme only works for the Dhamma Dullabha center, all other centers use the normal registration scheme, when places are allocated according to the order in which the applications are submitted to the registration system.

Why is registration organized this way?

The Dhamma Dullabha Center is the only permanent Vipassana meditation center in Russia.

The number of those wishing to take a course at the center only increases over time and at the moment it is many times greater than the center's capabilities. Because of this, the registration for any of the courses turned into a race against time, when every second matters, and all places were getting filled in less than one minute.

In such a situation, factors that had nothing to do with normal registration for a course, such as the quality of the Internet connection and the ability to quickly click on links, became an advantage. In addition, such a tight time frame caused a lot of tension among those who wanted to register for the course, especially in cases when all efforts were in vain, and it was not possible to get on the course in the end.

Despite the fact that courses at the Dhamma Dullabha Center are held year-round, the number of old students is still relatively small compared to the number of new students and there is no such great stress for them yet. Therefore, the random selection system is still relevant for use only for new students.

Contacts of the organizers

If you have questions, comments, suggestions regarding the course registration process and, in particular, the new registration scheme, we would be glad to hear your opinion. Please contact the registration committee at [email protected].